Nyssa Baschel
Writing Coach

When fiction reads well there has been a great deal of work done to achieve this. Creative writing involves the development of stories, characters and worlds through many drafts and edits. Often through that process we discover holes in our writing skill and want to grow as a writer. Ways of expanding our writing ability can include reading books and blogs about how to write, sending our work to an editor and receiving feedback, and/or studying writing through university or a writing course. Usually it involves a combination of the above. Only by learning these techniques and skills can we successfully make the stories in our minds come to life on the page. This is an important concept to get right from the beginning of our writing careers; we don’t just get inspired, write the first draft and get it published — not if we want to write quality works. Even if we are self-publishing, getting our writing to a publishable standard is vital if we want to be competitive in the marketplace.

Coaching Services

Nyssa Baschel offers online mentoring packages aimed to help emerging writers advance their writing skill. This service is not structural or copy edit for manuscripts or proof reading but rather coaching in the techniques of writing. All of these processes are important later in the course of wring a short story, novella or novel; however Nyssa can walk with you through the early days of developing and writing a story.

The packages below include writing assessment on 2000 or 4000 words, focusing on writing technique, and then Nyssa will work with you one-on-one on a video platform, such as Skype, to develop the writing skills in need. She may also recommend readings on writing technique and offer avenues to practise these skills.

The types of writing techniques you will cultivate through these packages include:

  • Show not tell
  • Scene development (note. overarching plots can be discussed)
  • Character development
  • Effective dialogue
  • Active setting and description
  • Active writing style
  • POV (Point of view)
  • MRU (Motivation reaction units)

Nyssa Baschel also brings over 20 years experience as a therapist and psychologist to her writer’s coaching business, making the lessons safe and with a focus on balancing our writing passion with the rest of our lives. As a writer we may hit writer’s blocks, be emotionally up and down and struggle to focus on more practical aspects of our lives. Nyssa aims to emotionally support the writer through the long, hard yards of writing a fiction novel as well as mentor people in writing technique.

Writing Packages

Package A – $410.00   Special Prices for Lockdown $320

  • 2000 word edit of a piece of your writing in a word file and using track changes
  • Six 1 hour video sessions focussing on the identified and agreed writing techniques
  • Follow-up edit of the 2000 words

Package B – $775.00   Special Prices for Lockdown $640

  • 4000 word edit of a piece of your writing in a word file and using track changes
  • Twelve 1 hour video sessions focussing on the identified and agreed writing techniques
  • Follow-up edit of the 4000 words

Ultimately, the goal of these packages is not so much to edit your work but rather to teach you effective writing skills that you can continue to apply to your work. Upon finishing a manuscript Nyssa can make recommendations of trusted editors and other professionals in the writing field.

Disclaimers:  please be aware that the time and effort involved in learning these writing skills are dependent upon each person’s writing ability, prior writing experience and learning. These packages do not guarantee publishable work; however for most people they will significantly improve writing skill and bring emerging writers closer to their goal to have their work published.

It is the right of Nyssa Baschel–pseudonym (Neasa Nic Dhómhnaill) and/or the customer to cease the service at any time. If a package is stopped before completion Nyssa Baschel would then retain the money for the time used and the remaining cost will be returned to the customer.

All prices in AUD