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Have you always said I want to write a book but have never felt confident enough to sit down and put pen to paper? Have people said there’s a great book in you but the idea of writing it is overwhelming? The good news is that you don’t have to write it alone. I will walk alongside you as you develop your writing style and help you to learn the skills needed to create that long overdue story.

My services as a writing coach can assist you from the very beginning of your writing journey. I am passionate about creating characters and plots that make readers want to read the book from cover to cover without putting it down. I will also teach you how to apply writing techniques such as how to ‘show not tell’, write active scene description, stay in ‘point of view’, portray realistic and engaging dialogue, and create pivoting action/re-action sequences to their work. In short, I can help you become the writer you have always wanted to be so that you can finally write your story that longs to be written.

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Nyssa Baschel

Nyssa Baschel is an Australian speculative fiction writer influenced by Gaelic mythology and history. She writes epic and urban/mythical fantasy as well as science fiction. Her short story, Sanctuary has been published in the anthology Futurevision; and The Sea Queen of Connacht, a Gaelic historical fiction story, has been published in the anthology Like a Woman in 2017. More recently her science fiction short story, Override, has been published in the anthology The Evil Inside Us, 2018.

Nyssa is currently working on a mythical/urban fantasy novella set in Loch Dearg, Donegal called Caoránach and, concurrently, a novel called Awakening the Other world for the series, Contemporary Tales of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She is also writing an epic fantasy trilogy called The Psytellexion Chronicles, the first book being Fate Bound. Nyssa enjoys exploring social and historical dilemmas using a fantasy platform to highlight real-world contradictions and injustices. In much of her work, her passion to re-unite Gaelic diaspora with the native culture and language inspires her to weave the ancient stories of our ancestors into mainstream fantasy.

Published Short Stories

The Evil Inside Us


The year is 2085, Römerberg, Germany. Aoibheann was a cyborg, a high-tech military monster built by the international giant, Novatelas. But despite what they thought, she had a soul and she knew it. She was more than electronic neuro-connections and sensory data. That was why she blended in so well with the enemy, the United Human Rights Alliance, and why she fell for the man she could never have. The irony was being ‘human’ was the most evil of all.

The Evil Inside Us is a collection of superb speculative fiction short stories that challenge our sense of what is wrong and right in this world.



No one would have thought the future of humanity would turn out like this, but it did. The fires that burned on land made it impossible to survive, but the ocean depths were no place for a man — if that’s what I was. At my final hour, on a bleak winter’s night, she came to me. And there, she invited me into something far darker.

Futurevision is an anthology of speculative fiction short stories that hint at a future to come. Through the fantasy, science fiction and horror genres, a collection of authors explore humanity’s hopes and fears. 

Like a Woman

The Sea Queen of Connacht

It was 1594, Achill Island, Connacht, Ireland. Gráinne Ní Mháille was plagued by bloody battles with the ruthless English armies for over thirty years. What else could she have done? She was the daughter of the proud Gaelic Chieftain, Eoghan Dubhdara Ó Máille, the flesh and blood of the Ó Máille clan from a royal Tír. So she fought ‘til her strength left her and then fought again, despite the memories that haunted her and the best efforts of her son to protect her.

The Like a Woman anthology is a collection of short stories in the fantasy genre that focus on portraying a strong female protagonist. Discover the inner strength of the feminine through these insightful tales.

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